Jordan Seaton waxes poetic about Coach Prime, star second-year Colorado football transfer

Jordan Seaton waxed poetic about Coach Prime and his closest star second-year Colorado football transfer.

USC v Colorado
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Jordan Seaton waxed poetic about Coach Prime and star Colorado football quarterback Shedeur Sanders during an interview with Deion Sanders Jr. for Well Off Media.

"I look at Prime like another uncle," said Seaton (h/t 247Sports). "To have that much pressure on you and have a man who believes in your craft and believes in your game like that... it's different. Everything that he said means just a little bit more."

Regarding Shedeur, the man he'll be tasked with protecting in a make-or-break season for the Buffs in 2024, Seaton said the two have been "A1 since Day 1."

Seaton's got the rhymes, but opposing coaches who hurled insults his way about committing to Coach Prime and Colorado about being a rapper may find out that the IMG Academy star may have the chops to uplift CU while also clowning on their abhorrent accusations.

What opposing coaches said to Jordan Seaton about committing to Coach Prime and Colorado football

Seaton detailed the rapper accusations from an unnamed source who hope his name never becomes public for his own PR sake.

"This was the most famous one I got," Seaton said (h/t BuffsBeat). "It was like "What do you want to be a rapper or something?" I'm like...Hey... *Laughing*… I get what you're saying, but... bro... There was a lot of negative recruiting (at Coach Prime). I feel like some people don't understand that he's only had... He's only been there for what... Has it been a year yet? It's been a year. The turnaround that program has from 1-11 to 4-8... to see that is cool."

Seaton is already feeling the negative ramifications of the "Prime Effect"; the fearlessness of just about anyone to boldly say things about you that wouldn't be acceptable in just about any other context.

But he can be a big reason why the Buffs and the Sanders family rises above all of it in 2024.