Julian Lewis pursuit proves Deion Sanders' commitment to staying with Colorado football

Oct 20, 2023; Carrollton, GA, USA; Carrollton Trojans quarterback Julian Lewis (10) watches on from
Oct 20, 2023; Carrollton, GA, USA; Carrollton Trojans quarterback Julian Lewis (10) watches on from / John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

On3's Josh Newberg sees Deion Sanders' pursuit of Carrolton quarterback and USC commit Julian Lewis as a statement on two different realities; the more important one being that Coach Prime is committed to staying with the Colorado football program over the long haul.

"I think it makes a statement on two levels," Newberg prefaced before saying, "One, it shows that Deion Sanders is truly a threat to land any high school recruit in the country. We know he landed Travis Hunter but we want to see him land another top 5-star, obviously Jordan Seaton last year as well, but I think it also shows one thing that's even more important to that: it shows a commitment to staying.

"It kind of quiets the noise. If you go out and land the No. 2 quarterback in the country, it shows not only that you are thinking ahead, but you might be thinking two, three years ahead to what this roster is going to look like and now you can start building that high school class around 'Ju Ju.'"

Deion Sanders has repeatedly proclaimed he isn't leaving Colorado football for a long time

Sanders has said multiple times that he likes Boulder, but recently, he took his verbiage to the next level by slapping on a timeline of five to 10 more years of coaching at Colorado.

"Most people ask me, 'What you gonna do when they're out, you're going to the pros together?' I said, 'A real father leads his sons, he doesn't follow them,'" Sanders said on the All The Smoke podcast. "So I'm good, I'll be here. I ain't going nowhere, I'm straight, I love Boulder, Colorado, and I cannot wait till they go into the NFL and do their thing."

Evidently, Sanders' words aren't convincing to many, but his actions certainly should be. Trying to land Lewis isn't what a coach trying to follow his sons to the NFL would do, and if he's a man of his word at all, we'll never see Coach Prime in the pros.