National analyst: Deion Sanders 'inhumane' with how he's handling cut Colorado football players

Colorado Spring Football Game
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The Athletic's Ari Wasserman stuck up for his colleague, Max Olson, who wrote the exposé detailing how Deion Sanders treated cut 2022 Colorado football players that led to a social media firestorm over the last few days in April and the first day of May, insinuating that Coach Prime was "inhumane" in his treatment of those discarded ex-Buffs.

"The point of the Max Olson Colorado story was that Deion and his staff were inhumane with how they treated the cut players," Wasserman prefaced before saying, "And the response to that story has been Deion and his players being disrespectful to the cut players. Coincidence, I bet."

Xavier Smith, whose testimonial about Coach Prime being callous and uncaring with how he delivered the news that he and other Karl Dorrell-era holdovers would be cut from the team, was the first player the Sanders family went after following the release of Olson's story. Shedeur Sanders said that Smith was "very mid at best" and channeled his inner Thanos, claiming he didn't remember the Austin Peay safety when he was in Boulder.

When his teammate Jaheim Ward defended him, one fan posted his stats. Coach Prime then quote-tweeted the fan and added the caption "Lawd Jesus." Deion also called out a fan who doubted whether Shedeur could be a top-five pick and asked where his son would be going.

Deion Sanders Jr. then took things even further in calling Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand) "b*tch-made" for labeling the Sanders family thin-skinned after writing several negative articles about Coach Prime and Co.

Deion Sanders and Co. must focus on current Colorado football roster

Taking shots at former Buffs and players sticking up for them, and even fans, does nothing for Colorado from a recruiting perspective, and certainly doesn't improve the on-field product ahead of the 2024 season.

If anything, it's a major distraction and a waste of energy.

Coach Prime needs to be above that. If he plans on building something long-term in Boulder, he needs to focus on the bigger picture; not the pages of his CU story that have already been turned in years past.