Plenty of questions beyond sixth-year Colorado football vet in LB room: Analyst

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

BuffZone's Brian Howell sees problems in the Colorado football linebacker room after DJ Lundy de-committed from the program on January 10 and returned to FSU, withdrawing his name from the transfer portal.

Specifically, beyond LaVonta Bentley, Howell has worries about nearly every Buff at the linebacker position.

"LaVonta Bentley, a Clemson transfer a year ago, is slated to return after leading CU with 69 tackles, finishing second with 11 tackles for loss and tied for the team lead with five sacks," Bentley prefaced before saying, "There are plenty of questions beyond Bentley, however.

"Alabama transfer Demouy Kennedy was highly touted going into last year but was never fully healthy and played sparingly, finishing with 13 tackles. Brendan Gant, a Florida State transfer last year, is out of eligibility, but was limited to four games because of injuries and hopes to get a medical hardship waiver and come back this next season. The other three linebackers on scholarship are all redshirt freshmen who didn’t appear in any games this past season: Victory Johnson, Morgan Pearson and Kofi Taylor-Barrocks."

Colorado football now has transfer portal need at linebacker after DJ Lundy's de-commitment

The trenches are both sides of the ball were covered by Coach Prime and Co. in the transfer portal, and even in the 20% of Deion Sanders' 40-40-20 recruiting plan from the high school ranks, but the linebacker spot is a weak link after Lundy's de-commitment.

The next portal cycle is in May, with the latest one ending on January 2, so if the room is exposed by CU's offense, one presumably run by Pat Shurmur, than the group will need careful attention as a priority.

On the flip side, maybe whoever Coach Prime hires as defensive coordinator will help the Buffs current players develop enough to hold the fort down without a dramatic overhaul.