Pop culture YouTuber rips Colorado football transfer for Shedeur Sanders call-out: 'You're a fourth-string QB bro'

Oregon State v Colorado
Oregon State v Colorado / Dustin Bradford/GettyImages

IsmokeHiphop smoked Colorado football transfer quarterback Gavin Kuld for starting beef with Shedeur Sanders by calling him out for not helping out for not being a better teammate and spending his NIL money on his peers -- calling him a fourth-string QB at the JUCO level and calling Kuld out for his character.

“You chasing clout," IsmokeHiphop said in a message to Kuld (h/t Essentially Sports). “Your character clearly got displayed, bro. I’m saying you doing all this crime my guy you moaning and complaining about not getting residuals and all that because that’s what basically that interview was bro. I tried not to highlight the fact that you’re a four-string quarterback at that and not even at the power five-level, bro. Like you really belong in a JUCO level."

Kuld pointed to Arizona's Noah Fifita as an example of a player who used his NIL payouts to build team camaraderie. Shedeur has had his own ventures -- including traveling to Paris for the Louis Vuitton's Men's Fall-Winter collection show presented by Pharrell Williams with his brother Shilo and releasing his own rap song, "Perfect Timing" -- and that's been an easy target for his detractors; one of them being Kuld, who admitted he had personal issues with the "Grown QB."

“I don’t know if it was the bad blood we had last year ’cause we had something individual going on and I called him out on it inside of our own room," Kuld said on the "Fifty and Fit" podcast. "He got real defensive with me in that conversation.”

Shedeur Sanders should stop addressing ex-Colorado football players

Shedeur has every right to address anyone he wants with the rights he's been given as an American. But should he address players who didn't even make a dent at Colorado after they leave the program and criticize it?

Probably not. It's below him at this point. Shedeur has NFL ambitions and a major goal to get Colorado to a bowl game, while the players he is addressing are now at lower levels and will likely never cross paths with him in real life again.