Shedeur Sanders and Colorado football transfer QB Gavin Kuld trade barbs on X

Colorado's Shedeur Sanders smiles before taking a snap during a Colorado football spring game at
Colorado's Shedeur Sanders smiles before taking a snap during a Colorado football spring game at / Logan Newell/The Coloradoan / USA TODAY

Shedeur Sanders and ex-Colorado football walk-on QB Gavin Kuld exchanged barbs on May 16 on the X platform following Kuld's appearance on "Fifty and Fit" podcast -- with the former telling the latter that he'd take the high road, to which Kuld responded, "what are you talking about...spare me."

"I learned sometimes you have to take the high road," Sanders' first tweet read with Kuld tagged. "I’ll spare you only this 1 time."

Sanders objected to comments from Kuld suggesting that Shedeur gets special privileges because of his last name.

Kuld didn't appreciate the callout and attempted to belittle Shedeur in response.

"Bro, what high road? What are u talking about spare me," Kuld responded.

Shedeur spoke out against all of the former CU players bashing the program after leaving.

"Y’all just interview anyone that leave from Colorado just to get a negative look on the program," Shedeur said.

That isn't hard to corroborate. Former Buffs safety Xavier Smith and WR Chase Sowell both went to The Athletic's Max Olson and shared anti-Deion Sanders stories painting him as cold and callous in his dismissal of them from the program during the 2023 spring cycle.

Interestingly enough, Kuld was positive about being part of the "Prime Time" rebuild in Boulder upon leaving the program.

“Making negative statements won’t change the past, and I am focused on my future," Kuld said (h/t Gunslinger Buzz). "I will be an NFL guy, and it would make sense to leave the past behind me and move forward. Being a part of the Coach Prime rebuild was awesome. I love Boulder, and it will always be in my heart."

Colorado football promotes intense positional battles in locker room

One thing Coach Prime inspires in his locker room is positional competition. Players going at each other's throats is promoted to bring out the best in everyone and crown a true top dog at each position.

From the outside looking in, it can appear off-putting to say the least. But football locker rooms across the country operate in a similar manner; whether or not it's to promote the safest behaviors from a physical standpoint.

Until Colorado sees results on the field, it will be seen as a negative. And if the positive results never come, it'll be seen as the negative that sunk the ship from the start.

Kuld and Shedeur's beef is just the tip of the iceberg of the Buffs' locker room drama.