Hot take: Shedeur Sanders should be on EA Sports College Football 25 cover over Travis Hunter

2023 Pac-12 Football Media Day
2023 Pac-12 Football Media Day / Louis Grasse/GettyImages

Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand) believes that Travis Hunter shouldn't have been on the cover of the upcoming EA Sports College Football 25 video game. Farrell doesn't believe any Colorado player should've been, but if one had to be on it, Shedeur Sanders should've been chosen instead.

"While RB Donovan Edwards is a solid player and ATH Travis Hunter is fun and all, neither belong on the cover," Farrell wrote.

"Hunter is good and all but the hype is more than the results. He had a solid year last season despite injuries with 721 yards on offense and three picks on defense, but QB Shedeur Sanders would have been a better choice if Colorado was to be represented — and there is no way they should have been."

Farrell being a proponent of Sanders for anything, even just to drive home his point that Hunter is undeserving of the cover, is a shocker. His publication rarely has a good thing to say about Deion Sanders' Colorado program, even when an article is published that highlights his positives.

As for his point of Hunter being undeserving of the cover and less worthy than Shedeur? Well, in this writer's opinion, it's just wrong.

Travis Hunter is one of one and should be honored by EA Sports College Football 25 cover

Hunter is a once-in-a-generation athlete who reflects the growth of the sport even more so than a dual-threat superstar under center like Alabama's Jalen Milroe or a gunslinger like Texas's Quinn Ewers. That he may be able to play WR and CB at the NFL level regularly is something Deion himself tried but never quite mastered during his pro career.

Hunter deserves all the accolades he's being given. And then some.

After years of waiting for the game, fans of EA Sports' franchise now have star players at four positions -- if you want to assume Donovan Edwards will be a star with increased touches at Michigan since it's probably a stretch to call him that just yet -- on the cover.

That should be good enough for anyone who's endured this wait.