Anti-Deion Sanders analyst suggests Prime Time era of Colorado football won't last

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Even in an article aimed at pointing out things that Deion Sanders is doing right with the Colorado football program, Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand) sprinkled in negativity -- this time in the form of implying that the "Prime Time" era may not last.

"Colorado fans were quiet yet loyal but didn’t have much to cheer about," Farrell prefaced before saying, "While some true fans might be a bit confused about how to enjoy this newfound attention and how it’s gained, CU has a legion of new fans simply because of Deion. That might not last, but at least for the diehards, they are feeling alive after most seasons of pure misery."

There's justification in believing that what Sanders has built at CU isn't meant to last -- with whispers of there being pure chaos in the locker room within media circles being the primary culprit as to why -- but Coach Prime has squashed any talk of him leaving anytime soon. The 56-year-old even sang the praises of Boulder, Colorado in a post-Black and Gold game message meant to inspire hope that he'd be there for the long-haul.

It's notable that Farrell -- who Deion Sanders Jr. recently called "b*tch-made" on X -- only listed off-field reasons why Sanders has been effective at Colorado. Sure, a 4-8 record in 2023 shouldn't have anyone going too far in their praise for Coach Prime, but the 2024 offseason offensive line transfer portal haul, including the flip of 5-star OT Jordan Seaton, should've at least been mentioned.

Deion Sanders getting no benefit of the doubt until Colorado football is a winner

If Sanders isn't getting love until CU is a winner, so be it. If anything, it should serve as motivation to everyone surrounding the program to earn the buzz that Deion's name alone generates.

Coach Prime set the standard for the 2024 season at six wins, promising Buffs superfan Peggy Coppom a bowl game. If they can at least reach that milestone, the talk of the "Prime Time" era ending prematurely will die down.

But rest assured, Sanders has made enough enemies with his actions already to maintain enemies in the media from now until he calls it a career in the coaching realm.