Shedeur Sanders, Justin Mayers speak out after Colorado football transfer badmouths program

Colorado Spring Football Game
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Shedeur Sanders and Justin Mayers stood up for the Colorado football program after former walk-on quarterback Gavin Kuld insinuated that Deion Sanders showed extreme levels of nepotism toward his son, who Kuld feels he never would've gotten a shot to start over had he earned it.

Kuld went on the "Fifty and Fit" podcast -- the episode has since been deleted, though many saved video clips from it -- to badmouth Coach Prime and Shedeur, who caught Kuld's wrath because the "Grown QB" never bought anything for the QB room.

That inspired Mayers to tweet out asking for a more 50/50 podcast where those interviewed can be "unhinged about the truth."

"To all those media (YouTube) channels: Let’s do a real interview, unhinged abt the truth," Mayers prefaced before saying, "50/50."

Shedeur, who got into a beef hours before with Kuld, responded with a blunt take on the media's double standards.

"It’s cool when they do it, it’s a problem if we do it," he wrote.

Wildly enough, the typically soft-spoken and player-first Devin Rispress even chimed in -- warning Kuld that he spoke out of line criticizing the program that gave him a chance and he may no longer get good references.

"Never trash a place on your way out because your next home will call for character references," Rispress tweeted.

Gavin Kuld burned bridges with Colorado football program

Kuld may as well air it all out now. Sources say he never had a great relationship with Shedeur off the field and that's been made clear as day with his criticisms.

The former CU walk-on will now be known as the QB who believed he could've beaten Shedeur out for QB1. Or at least the one who had the gall to discuss Quinn Ewers and Arch Manning's QB battle at Texas while discussing Shedeur and the Colorado QB room.

Those bridges between Kuld and his former team in Boulder aren't just burnt. They've been torched into ashes.