Shedeur Sanders may not leave Colorado in 2025 after all

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Shedeur Sanders may not leaving Colorado after all in 2025 following his final year of eligibility with the Buffs.

As Buffaloes Wire's Jack Carlough pointed out, the Denver Broncos -- after trading away some of their most accomplished players in early March -- may be in a position to tank for the "Grown QB" in 2024 in order to secure a high enough draft pick to land Coach Prime's youngest son by the time the 2025 NFL draft rolls around.

"The Denver Broncos are finally committing to a full-on rebuild," Carlough prefaced before saying, "In the past few days alone, quarterback Russell Wilson, Pro Bowl safety Justin Simmons and talented wide receiver Jerry Jeudy have all been either released or traded, signaling the Broncos are ready to swallow a lean season.

"If they do earn a high pick in the 2025 NFL draft, current Colorado football quarterback Shedeur Sanders could be available for Denver. The Broncos have the 12th overall pick in this year’s draft and if they don’t select a QB, Sanders becomes an attractive option in 2025. Fans on social media are seeing this potential scenario coming together and are rallying the Broncos to 'Tank for Shedeur.'"

Coach Prime an unlikely Denver Broncos replacement option at head coach even if they draft Shedeur Sanders

For those thinking that Shedeur being a Bronco would convince Coach Prime to join his son in Denver, don't buy those long-shot odds of Deion Sanders replacing Sean Payton as head coach in the Mile High City.

As Sports World News’s BJ Yalung points out, it'd take too much money and support to get Coach Prime to leave CU for the Broncos.

“It may take much money and support for Broncos management to make that happen,” Yalung said back in October of Coach Prime taking over the Broncos’ head coaching job currently occupied by Sean Payton after long-shot odds were released for that happening. “Sanders has proven he can rebuild and charismatically manage a football team. However, while he was able to do it at the college level, it remains to be seen if he can do it in the pro ranks.

“One problem seen is how he will handle NFL players receiving fat salaries. Things are different at the NFL level, and Sanders did admit that he would have problems motivating this kind of player.”

If there's going to be two members of the Sanders family in the Broncos organization in 2025, it'd be Shedeur and Shilo if anything.

The NFL and Coach Prime don't appear to be a match. And that may never change.