Shedeur Sanders opens up on what Deion Sanders has been like as a father

Stanford v Colorado
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Shedeur Sanders is grateful for everything Deion Sanders has done to get his son to where he is today -- a projected top 2025 NFL draft prospect who has full autonomy over the Colorado Buffaloes' offense as the program makes its Big 12 return in the Fall.

Shedeur spoke with NBC Washington and praised Coach Prime for what he's set his sons up to do in both the short-term and long-term future when asked what the best advice he ever received from Deion was.

"Man he taught me about how the world works really," Shedeur prefaced before saying, "So being, just his son, and him just being there for me, to be able to ask any questions to him. He did everything I want to do. It's a blessing to have a man like him in my corner who I can always ask. We always consider and listen to everything he's saying. You want to have longevity in your life, you don't just want to be hot right now, you want to be able to have things going long-term in your life. And make those decisions financially, spiritually, and mentally.

"My dad's really a good guy because the decisions he made for us to be in this position that we're in now is like unbelievable. It's surreal and people don't really give him that much credit for that."

Deion Sanders accused of playing 'Daddy Ball' with Shilo and Shedeur Sanders

Deion certainly does get credit for what he's been able to do for Shilo and Shedeur, it's just not the credit the latter would want to attract.

Coach Prime has been accused by analysts and former players of playing "Daddy Ball" at Colorado.

Given the double-standard between Shilo and Shedeur attending the Louis Vuitton fall-winter show in Paris headlined by Pharrell Williams in Paris being excused and Tar'Varish Dawson seeing his child causing a public issue at practice, it's hard to contradict that statement at this point.

When the Buffs aren't winning, the "Daddy Ball" accusations have a bigger spotlight. It's hard to justify preferential treatment to your best players when the team isn't winning.