Shilo Sanders shares glowing review of Colorado football DC Robert Livingston

Colorado Spring Football Game
Colorado Spring Football Game / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

First-year defensive coordinator Robert Livingston got one of the most important endorsements he could've gotten in the eyes of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders: his son and NFL draft prospect Shilo Sanders, one of the team's key defensive leaders in the secondary.

“Right now, he’s working with me like,” Shilo said (h/t On3). “That’s just cool having a guy like that that could be like alright, this is who I want you to model right here. So, just studying him.

“Having a pro coach who was just in the NFL because I’ll be wondering how it is as a college player, what is it gonna be like in the league? How are the coaches in the league? And it’s like the league right now. He’s not even used to being in college still, like with the hashes and stuff. How we practice — we practice really hard. It’s still, like new. Cause they be taking care of each other in practice and stuff, but like he’s fresh from the NFL. I couldn’t have asked for more, honestly. The experience with the Super Bowl and what more can you ask for if you’re a DB? What situation would you more want to be in?”

Robert Livingston may not have Shilo Sanders as part of his Colorado football defense for many games

Livingston may not have all that many in-game teaching moments with Shilo considering the safety's shoulder injury; a major clean-up procedure that keeps most players on the shelf for a considerable amount of time.

While Shilo believes he'll be back before the start of the season, there's a six-month timetable that BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle gave that's probably closer to reality for Coach Prime's middle son.

If Shilo won't be back in time for the start of the season and is set to miss a few months, that'll be a major blow for Livingston's defense. Not only was Sanders the leading tackler in 2023, he brings an energy that, while sometimes over-the-top, is a major weapon on gameday for other players.

The Buffs won't be the same without him. Let's hope Livingston has as many chances to teach Shilo in-game lessons as possible.