A sign Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders may be EA Sports College Football 25 cover athlete

Colorado v UCLA
Colorado v UCLA / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

Colorado football star Shedeur Sanders may be the EA Sports College Football 25 cover athlete according to the Blue Blood Bias X account -- which, after being retweeted by the official Colorado Buffaloes Football account, is a source we're giving credence to.

"Shedeur Sanders has deleted this cryptic tweet... it's looking like he may be the Cover Athlete for the new College Football Video game," the account wrote. "His tweet specifically called out EA Sports last night, telling them that 'they know what to do.' EA has been developing a much-hyped College Football Video Game set to release this summer, & much of the discussion has been around which player should feature on the game's cover...It's believed that this tweet from Shedeur was in reference to the cover featuring either Shedeur, Coach Prime, or possibly both.

"Now here's why this is VERY likely to occur: Coach Prime was one of the first partners of the video game, and has already promoted it on his social media pages...Plus, fan demand to see the Sanders on the Video Game cover is sky high. Many believe that their presence on the cover will actually BOOST sales singlehandedly. And this last point is just speculation, but the fact that Shedeur deleted this tweet indicates that a discussion may be in the works now..."

Having one or more Colorado football representatives on EA Sports College Football 25 cover athletesa good bridge to NFL fans

CU Boulder is obviously the state of Colorado's flagship, but with Coach Prime in tow, the Buffs are America's team in many ways. Whether you're on the east or west coast, in the Great Plains, or in the mountains, you're paying attention to Deion Sanders and Colorado.

Having Shedeur, Travis Hunter, Coach Prime, or all three, on the EA Sports College Football 25 cover bridges the gap between the college game and general Deion/NFL fans in major cities across the country.

At this point, it feels like one of these CU scenarios has to happen with all of the hints being dropped.