Skepticism surrounding Coach Prime not bolting Colorado football once his sons leave

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BuffsBeat's Mark Mcintosh believes that Shedeur, Shilo, and Deion Sanders Jr. buying their father a mansion in the foothills off of Highway 93 is a mindboggling gesture in the NIL era, and taking it a step further has skepticism that Coach Prime will remain with Colorado football once his sons and Travis Hunter take to the NFL draft in 2025.

"I found myself chuckling out loud learning that the Hall of Fame player and second-year coach of the Colorado Buffaloes has three sons footing the bill for a nice pad for their ol’ man to settle in for years at the foot of the Flatirons," Mcintosh prefaced before saying, "Could it be true? Sanders is gonna stick for a bit and not bolt as soon as talented sons finish CU careers and head for the pros?"

Deion Sanders leaving Colorado when his sons leave is not a new idea. Most figured he'd try and take his sons to a bigger school upon the completion of the 2023 season, and now since that didn't happen, just about everyone secretly expects Coach Prime to consider an NFL jump once his sons reach the pros.

Coach Prime has reassured fans he doesn't want to leave Colorado football

Coach Prime has gone on record saying that not only he, but also several of his family members, wants to stay in Boulder for the foreseeable future.

"I would be the first to tell you, I think our whole family has an anchor here, right now," Sanders once said on his radio show (h/t FOX Sports). "My mamma, the dog, my daughter, everyone. We absolutely love being here. We actually love it, 100 percent."

Sanders has scolded opposing coaches for recruiting against him by claiming the contrary, and even though he repeatedly yells from the rooftops that he wants to remain at Colorado, even Buffs beat writers don't fully believe him.

Then again, the skepticism is at least somewhat deserved. After all, not everything Coach Prime says should be taken at face value.