Stephen A. Smith sends strong message to Shilo and Shedeur Sanders after Colorado football social media controversy

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Stephen A. Smith had a message for Shilo and Shedeur Sanders amidst widespread social media drama for the Colorado football program after The Athletic released a piece detailing several players' disdain for how their exit from the Buffs took place after Deion Sanders took over.

"And I say this respectfully to Shilo and Shedeur, two ballers: you're Deion Sanders' sons," Smith prefaced before saying, "That means I will, you will always have my support because I love your daddy like a brother. But it is important that you understand how you're communicating and how you're coming across. Your dad has earned it. They're young, Shedeur and Shilo. I get it. They're protective of their daddy. I get it. But somebody needs to tell them that, moving forward, as you communicate in defense of your dad and what he's doing, how you communicate and how you come across matters.

"Because you represent him and you represent the program. And moreso Shedeur than Shilo, I'm going to remind you again, you did this (motions to wristwatch) every time you won. But you lost more than you won. What were you doing when you lost?"

Shedeur Sanders at center of Colorado football social media controversy

The Sanders family could've ignored The Athletic's story, but instead, Shedeur called out Xavier Smith, an ex-Buffs safety who complained about how Deion delivered the news that he wouldn't be welcomed back.

That had Colorado receiver Kaleb Mathis squabbling with Smith's Austin Peay teammate Jaheim Ward, which drew a quote tweet from Coach Prime belittling Ward's states over the past several season.

Had Shedeur just walked away from his phone and not called Smith "very mid at best" to begin with, Stephen A. wouldn't have to send a stern warning to the Sanders kids for their behavior.