Texas Tech tops the list of landing spots for Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' daughter Shelomi

Texas Tech v LSU
Texas Tech v LSU / Stacy Revere/GettyImages

Texas Tech was proposed by Essentially Sports' Soheli Tarafdar as a potential landing spot for Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' daughter, Shelomi, after the 20-year-old announced her intentions to transfer from JR Payne's women's basketball program on April 2.

"Among the probable landing spots for Shelomi, Texas Tech tops the list," Tarafdar prefaced before saying, "This program will present Deion Sanders’ daughter with the opportunity to return to her home state. Joining this program, she get a chance to interact with Jasmine Shavers who may help her out in improving her shooting skills."

Additional local landing spots to the University of Colorado, where Shelomi's father will still coach football and her two older brothers will be starring for the Buffs, in Fort Collins and Denver were pitched as well.

"Other than this, Colorado State Rams, even though she has been once rivals to them, seem to be a good prospect for Shelomi," Tarafdar said. "Going by the prediction, the Rams are about to lose five of their guards that will clear the road for her entry.

"Additionally, the Denver Pioneers having a ton of young depth will allow Shelomi to bring out her best potential. Being only 40 minutes away from Boulder, it will be easier for Deion Sanders’ daughter to manage her school and stay close to her family."

Texas A&M was also pitched, but that's not a landing spot truly in the mix for Coach Prime's youngest kid.

Texas Tech intriguing for Shelomi if Colorado football HC Deion Sanders has wandering eyes

Texas Tech could be one of the biggest jobs to open up soon if Joey McGuire doesn't right the ship in Lubbock. After a 7-5 debut season with the Red Raiders, Texas Tech took a step back in 2023 with a .500 record. Any sign of trouble in the expanded Big 12 early in 2024 could have the big oil money boosters in Lubbock considering a major change.

We know the Sanders family sticks together through thick and thin, well Deion and his children at the very least, though Pilar is close with her kids as well, so if Coach Prime has wandering eyes from Boulder, going to Texas Tech with his daughter joining the Red Raiders women's team could be an intriguing package deal for the Sanders family to consider.

The only problem? Sanders has said it until he's blue in the face: he doesn't want to leave Colorado. Those eyes are only wandering from one mountain peak to the next.