Tim Tebow, Terrell Owens predicted to follow Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' footsteps in coaching

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Tim Tebow and Terrell Owens were floated, perhaps sardonically, by Mile High Sports' Mark Knudson as potential future head coaching options in college football in the same vein as Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders.

Knudson took shots at all three in the process, likening them to attention hounds and divas.

"Very soon, (Sanders) may not be the only attention hogging celebrity coach roaming the sidelines while gathering Instagram followers," Knudson prefaced before saying, "Who might be next? Perhaps Tim Tebow taking over as the celebrity/CEO head coach of the Florida Gators? Terrell Owens at Tennessee? There are plenty of attention hounds out there. There could be a whole collection of divas wearing headsets. Deion could become one of the many instead of one of one.

"In some odd way, perhaps his CU program is something of a “lab rat” for those calling the shot on the future of college football? A testing ground of sorts for what’s possibly to come?"

NFL players want to follow in Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' footsteps

Tebow and Owens aren't names that have come up in coaching rumors yet, but former Miami Dolphins star running back Ricky Williams threw his own name into the mix when he said that he could do something bigger and better than what Coach Prime has done at Colorado.

Williams doesn't have the name power Sanders does and probably wouldn't want to start at a humble beginning like Jackson State, but other past NFL stars have made more serious attempts. Ed Reed almost coached at Bethune-Cookman before he and the university had a falling out, and guys like Warren Sapp taking a GA position could be the first step in becoming a defensive coordinator eventually.

Sanders is likely to set a trend, and based on how Knudson framed it, it'll be one that not everyone will appreciate.