Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter urged to stick to one position in NFL

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Pro Football Network's Ian Cummings believes two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter needs to become a one-way star when he gets drafted to the NFL following the 2024 season.

"Hunter has earned the confidence of Sanders and others with his play at both WR and CB," Cummings prefaced before saying, "Some two-way players are masters of none, but Hunter is a high-level player at both spots. The problem is the NFL is simply a different animal, and two-way players are largely a thing of the past at the professional level.

"In 2023, Hunter played over 1,000 total snaps from scrimmage — 436 snaps on offense and 566 snaps on defense. His snap count is a testament to his stamina and multi-phase ability, but in order to truly excel as an NFL player, he may need to hone in on one position."

Buffs head coach Deion Sanders claimed that the NFL has a "problem" with Hunter since he deserves to play on both sides of the ball.

“The NFL [has] got a problem,” Sanders said. “What are you gonna draft him as? And he’s gotta play both ways. Because he has value on both sides of the ball.”

Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter can ask for more money than his peers in the NFL

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle believes Hunter can ask for more money in the NFL because he is playing both sides of the ball -- and thus, deserves compensation fit for someone playing multiple positions.

"Coach Prime isn't wrong about his assessment," Tolle said of Deion Sanders saying the NFL will have a "problem" with No. 12 needing to play both sides of the ball. "Hunter will likely force the issue to play both sides of the ball. Not to say it will stay that way in the latter stages of his career, but his drive is built differently compared to previous two-way players. Also, he'll demand more money as a contributor for a majority of snaps."

Hunter won't get the salary of two players, but he could be one of the highest-paid players in his draft class depending on where he's drafted. It'll be on his second contract where his potentially historic payday comes.