Tyreek Hill sends sacrilege statement on Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders

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Tyreek Hill had the most reckless, sacrilege statement on what would happen if he and Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders were lined up on opposite sides of the line of scrimmage during Coach Prime's playing days: he'd torch the current Buffs HC and NFL Hall-of-Famer.

"I'm putting 175 on Deion, easy, 175, two touchdowns," Hill said during a recent appearance on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast (h/t CBS Sports). "I'm quicker, more agile, I can move a whole lot, quick-twitch guy, I can catch screens.

"It's a whole lot that goes into a game. I'm not saying I'm gonna put the whole [175 yards] up by going deep or running an actual route: I'm catching screens, I'm doing whatever the game needs me to do to get yardage on Deion."

Tyreek Hill's statement on Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders is disrespectful

At least when Benedict Mathurin called out LeBron James and said that "The King" would need to show the then-Indiana Pacers rookie that he was better than him in 2022, the two had a chance to meet on the hardwood.

But Hill calling out Sanders is as clickbait trashy as it gets. Sanders is not only retired but has had several toes amputated and is in no position to ever respond to the Miami Dolphins receiver's rash trash talk.

Hill should know better than to engagement farm using the biggest name in college football, and perhaps the sporting world at large, but let's be honest with ourselves: he knew exactly what he was doing.

There's nothing trendier than taking shots at Coach Prime and Colorado. Just ask the Denver publications that are staying relevant by making that a habit.

You'd just like to think that "The Cheetah" is above doing that. Alas, we thought wrong.