'Unclear' if Deion Sanders leaves Colorado football when Shedeur and Shilo do

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According to Denver Sports' Will Petersen, it's currently "unclear" if Deion Sanders will be leaving the Colorado football program when his sons, Shedeur and Shilo, do after CU's re-debut in the Big 12 and ahead of the 2025 NFL draft.

"Rather than jump for a better opportunity in say, the SEC, he wants to build a championship culture in Boulder," Petersen prefaced before saying, "With the College Football Playoff expanding to 12 teams in 2024, that path will get easier for schools that aren’t traditional powerhouses.

"While it’s unclear if Deion will remain as CU’s head coach once his sons go to the NFL, that shouldn’t matter today. He’s staying at Colorado, just like he always said he would."

Coach Prime reiterated his stance about staying at Colorado on The Dan Patrick Show; that being that he is looking to build something in Boulder.

“They tell kids ‘well he’s not going to be there, he’s going to leave,'" Sanders prefaced before saying, "Well, if he leaves, that means he’s advancing, he’s going to another level. He’s going to another school. Which, I don’t need that to be who I am. I don’t go inherit legacies, I build them."

Coach Prime aware of how opposing coaches were negatively recruiting Colorado football

Sanders let the world know that he was aware of the negative recruiting opposing coaches are taking part in, all in an effort to sway recruits away from CU.

"Most definitely," Sanders responded when asked if he knew who the coaches were (h/t Bleacher Report). "My kids that we recruited, that signed with us, they have video conversations, tape of coaches badmouthing us and talking about us like a dog.

Unfortunately, with all of the hyperbole and overexaggerating Sanders involves himself in, it's not hard to believe many see his commitment to Colorado as shaky at best and fickle at worst.