Warren Sapp not under consideration for full-time assistant Colorado football job

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Warren Sapp is not under consideration for a full-time assistant Colorado football coaching assistant according to a report from BuffZone's Brian Howell. Still, Howell did say that Sapp could be joining the staff in a different capacity.

"In the past, Sanders has indicated that fellow Pro Football Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, who was a star defensive tackle, could be joining the staff," Howell prefaced before saying, "If Sapp has a role, it’s unclear what that role would be, but it’s unlikely that he will be the defensive line coach. A source told BuffZone that Sapp is not under consideration for a full-time assistant coaching position."

Coach Prime had confirmed Sapp would be an addition to his Buffs coaching staff back in December.

“To see him go get his diploma, because I know what he wants to do, he wants to coach on this staff and he wants to be a part of this staff,” Sanders said (h/t Yahoo Sports). “And he is going to be a part of this staff.

“Even the offensive linemen, they glean from him too because he’s so thought-provoking that he can tell them ‘Don’t let the defensive lineman get you at that point or this point or this point.’ I think he’s that — he’s a wealth of knowledge and he’s hilarious, man.”

Warren Sapp's Colorado football hiring being protested by anti-domestic violence coalition

Violence Free Colorado, the federally recognized, anti-domestic violence coalition for the state of Colorado, is trying to block the University of Colorado from moving forward with the addition of Sapp to Coach Prime's staff; releasing a statement in hopes it won't be confirmed.

“By recruiting someone with a history of public allegations of gender-based violence, including domestic violence, they risk promoting violence rather than speaking out against it,” said the org's statement (h/t USA Today). “They risk saying that violence is excusable if the player or coach is successful. They risk undermining the public work CU has done to speak out against domestic violence. As advocates, we know the answer is not to ignore the allegations against Mr. Sapp, but to address them head on.”

The "will they, won't they" between Sapp and CU continues as Coach Prime and university leadership continue to be at odds about the potentialy hiring.