All-Pro CB on Colorado football star Travis Hunter playing 2 positions in NFL: 'He'll be more like Deion Sanders'

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When two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter reaches the NFL, three-time All-Pro cornerback Patrick Peterson doesn't think he'll be playing both positions like many expect him to -- instead believing that, like Deion Sanders, Hunter will stick to one position because franchises won't want to risk having their asset damaged.

"No NFL team will allow Travis to play both ways, not full-time at least," Peterson said on the March 14 edition of the "All Facts No Brakes" podcast (h/t FOX Sports). "I think if they do give him an opportunity, he'll be more like Deion Sanders. Like a pitch count. [A team] will give him maybe 8-10 plays a game.

"Cause Travis is dynamic on both sides of the ball. He [does] have value on both sides of the ball. I can't even tell you which position he's better at. … He can catch the ball. He can catch it at the highest point. He has great speed. On the defensive side of the ball, he has unbelievable ball skills. [Hunter is] just a freak athlete. He is a guy that can [play on both sides of the ball]," Peterson added. "I don't think an NFL team will allow him to do it, but if he continues to showcase value on both sides of the ball, I think he'll probably have to be on a snap count. I don't think it will be something feasible for him to do week in and week out, cause in the big leagues these hits hurt."

Two-way Colorado football star Travis Hunter could see NFL earnings affected if teams won't play him at CB and WR

BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle believes that Hunter will have a case to ask for more money should he play both sides of the ball at the next level.

"Coach Prime isn't wrong about his assessment," Tolle said of Deion Sanders saying the NFL will have a "problem" with No. 12 needing to play both sides of the ball. "Hunter will likely force the issue to play both sides of the ball. Not to say it will stay that way in the latter stages of his career, but his drive is built differently compared to previous two-way players. Also, he'll demand more money as a contributor for a majority of snaps."

NFL teams could be cutting their own costs by keeping Hunter on one side of the ball, though they run the risk of angering him by doing so.

Hunter's NFL career has the potential to be one of the most unpredictable careers we've ever seen.