Analyst flames Colorado football hiring Warren Sapp as GA: 'Menace to society'

Dec 5, 2022; Tampa, Florida, USA;  former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Warren Sapp looks on from the
Dec 5, 2022; Tampa, Florida, USA; former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Warren Sapp looks on from the / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand), ever the Deion Sanders fan (my sarcasm meter just broke), called Colorado football GA hire Warren Sapp a "menace to society for years" and answered "fiction" when asked if the 51-year-old was a good hire for the Buffs.

"Domestic violence, soliciting prostitution, and so on, Sapp has been a menace to society for years," Farrell prefaced before saying, "Despite his amazing college and NFL career and Hall of Fame status, Deion Sanders bringing him on as a GA at Colorado is puzzling. Deion is all about second chances, of course, but he’s also (supposedly) about his players' best interests, and being around a guy like Sapp could be amazing or could go poorly. This isn’t worth that risk."

The Pewter Plank's Josh Hill had a more optimistic take on Sapp: believing that the bruising ex-DL was on the verge of getting his life together.

"Sapp has largely existed away from the game since retiring back in 2008, with the closest he's come to remaining tethered to football being his work at NFL Network," Hill prefaced before saying, "That came during a pretty tough time in his life, as financial and legal troubles knocked him down.

"Everything seems to point toward Sapp getting his life back together. He earned a sports management degree last year which allows him to join Sanders' staff at Colorado. It could be the first step toward Sapp getting back into the game as a coach, with a perfectly well-lit opportunity sitting right in front of him at a high-profile program."

Warren Sapp should be on his best behavior to appease Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders

Sapp owes a great deal to Sanders for fighting for his friend and getting the troubled six-time All-Pro a job despite CU's strict no-tolerance policy when it comes to personnel being accused of past domestic violence abuse.

For that reason, it feels like a safer bet than not that he'll be on his best behavior in Boulder as a GA. To his credit, Sapp completed the necessary requirements to be eligible for the role, so there was at least enough discipline for that.

He really owes Sanders the same discipline at Colorado.