Brian Kelly not out of Colorado football HC Deion Sanders' playbook of self-absorption, but not far off

Florida v LSU
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Mike Farrell (of the Mike Farrell Sports brand) doesn't believe LSU's Brian Kelly is out of Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders' playbook of self-absorption, but does think he isn't far off from it -- seeing the Tigers head coach as "full of crap."

"But as great a coach as Brian Kelly is, he’s also full of crap," Farrell prefaced before saying, "Kelly has always been a self-promoter and a smidge of a narcissist. He’s not out of theplaybook of self-absorption, but he’s not far off. At Cincinnati, he said all the right things about being loyal to the Bearcats while his agent consistently sent out feelers for openings, some with a desperate plea. He lucked into the Notre Dame job and did well, but his constant defensiveness regarding recruiting rankings and how Notre Dame lacked at certain positions was a regular occurrence."

Kelly and Coach Prime are both guilty of doing things on the recruiting trail that make reporters and fans alike cringe. The former has produced some of the most embarrassing TikTok hype videos with recruits, which isn't nearly as bad as his admission that he isn't interested in paying for players in the NIL era.

Sanders, meanwhile, makes people cringe in a different way. Coach Prime has been accused of being cold and callous in his dismissal of players he doesn't deem worthy of playing for his Colorado Buffaloes.

Brian Kelly is in the hot seat at LSU, while Deion Sanders will never be at Colorado football

Whether or not their personalities are similar, which they're not, one cannot argue that the two are in the same boat career-wise. Kelly is on the hot seat at LSU despite a highly-successful SEC West-winning first season while Sanders will never be on the hot seat at CU despite going 4-8 in his debut campaign in Boulder.

Fair or not, that's what each coach signed up for. LSU will always be one of the best jobs in the sport due to the backing from boosters and past success, while Colorado became a good job when Coach Prime took it -- and even still, he's having difficulties bringing in recruits to a program that wasn't relevant since the 1990s.