Colorado football HC Deion Sanders addresses Warren Sapp, Cormani McClain, Nahmier Robinson at presser

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Deion Sanders addressed every pressing matter surrounding his Colorado football program during an April 18 press scrum with reporters.

Whether it was his controversial graduate assistant hiring of Warren Sapp, Cormani McClain's transfer from the Buffs program on April 16, or Coach Prime's viral speech to Nahmier Robinson, whose father, former NBA player Nate Robinson is in dire need of a kidney transplant and could die if he doesn't get it, Sanders addressed all of it.

Here were the highlights...

Deion Sanders lauds Colorado football GA Warren Sapp for communication skills

Sanders showed nothing but love to his highly-paid GA Sapp, lauding him for his ability to communicate with players.

“Coach Sapp is a phenomenal communicator," Sanders said (h/t DNVR's Jake Schwanitz). "God, he knows his craft. Thats why he’s got a gold jacket. He knows this game and he’s able to communicate that in his passionate way. He’s a phenomenal person, I’m just really glad and thankful to at our young men are getting that communication on a daily basis.”

Sapp brings a wealth of football knowledge to the program, though many struggle to look past Sapp's problematic past in the aftermath of his CU hiring.

Deion Sanders wishes the best for Cormani McClain

Sanders was not about giving tough love anymore to McClain, who officially entered his name into the transfer portal -- whether it was completely on his own volition or with a push from the coaching staff being unclear as of now -- but rather support from a afar.

"I want the best for him," Sanders said of McClain (h/t BuffStampede's Adam Munsterteiger). "I really do. I want that kid to soar. I want him to man up. I want him to be the best possible athlete & human being he can be. I want him to fulfill all those dreams that his mother and he desire. I really, really do."

McClain has been linked to USF and USC, with Florida and Miami being natural landing spots due to their previous interest in the former 5-star corner.

Deion Sanders shows love for Nahmier Robinson as his father Nate Robinson struggles to find kidney transplant

Sanders was most vulnerable talking about Nahmier Robinson's struggles, asserting that he and his fellow coaches love their kids and commenting on the weight Nahmier is carrying as his father, Nate, awaits a kidney transplant that is literally life or death.

“We have tremendous relationships, we know our kids," Sanders said (h/t DNVR's Jake Schwanitz). "They know us. We have so many departments and resources to assist this young men in any form or fashion. I can see the spirit in him, he’s carrying weight, he’s heavy. I just appreciate him and his focus. He’s rocking steady and I’ve got a lot of respect for him. His father raised a good young man.”

Sanders gives tough love often, but he's just as ready to give nurturing affection. Robinson needs it right now, and Colorado's head man has recognized that.

Kudos, Coach Prime.