Colorado football HC Deion Sanders sends empowering message on how he handles historic levels of hate

Colorado v UCLA
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Even since taking over the Colorado football program, Deion Sanders has faced historic levels of criticism. He's been called "Slime Time", the "Bruce Lee of BS," and has even been targeted on the recruiting trail by opposite coaches who've been emboldened to be flat-out racist to prospects interested in the Buffs.

Coach Prime went on the "Sway's Universe" podcast to explain how he handles it, and everyone can take something from his explanation.

"Well that's called insecurity," Sanders said of negative comments about him (h/t Sportskeeda). "If you insecure you're gonna care. If you insecure you gonna read everything. If you insecure you gonna check all your comments. That's if you're insecure. If you secure you don't give a damn. How can what you think about me affect me? That shouldn't affect me or infect me. No. I don't get down like that.

"That is a sign of insecurity when I'm allowing you to affect and infect me. I ain't got time for that. Cause I'm on assignment. When you own assignments and you in your calling, man you ain't got time for foolishness. I'm on assignment and I'm aligned with the Lord so I'm good."

Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders emboldens locker room with loving message

Sanders knows the power of words. Sure, it means nothing when it's negative and non-constructive while coming from someone outside your circle who doesn't have your best interests in mind. But from a head coach it means everything.

And in early March, he showered his locker room with love.

“I love that we’re accountable," Sanders said (h/t Essentially Sports). "I love that we’re depending on one another. I love that we’re pushing one another. I love that we’re supporting one another. I love that we’re challenging one another. I love that we’re becoming brothers regardless of your background and social status.”

Sanders is using his own words for good when it comes to his own players. Stand by when it comes to the players from the 2022 roster he had less than kind words for.