Dallas Cowboys beat writer hopeful about landing Colorado football QB Shedeur Sanders

Colorado v UCLA
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Coach Prime's comments about his Colorado football star son, Shedeur Sanders, possibly needing to be in a warm-weather climate during his NFL career give Cowboys Country's Jonathan Alfano hope that Dallas can add the son of one of their all-time great defenders.

"Deion and Shedeur will likely have little to no say in where the latter gets drafted, unless he decides to pull an Eli Manning," Alfano prefaced before saying, "With the criteria set, though, could we see Shedeur join the Cowboys and don the same jersey his father wore all those years ago? At least we know Dallas is warm enough."

Deion Sanders told Mike "Mad Dog" Russo that he doesn't want Shedeur in a cold weather city when he gets to the pros.

“Like, I don’t want my kid [Shedeur] going nowhere cold next year," Coach Prime said of Shedeur (h/t Denver Sports). "He grew up in Texas. He played in Jackson, played in Colorado. Season’s over before it gets cold in Colorado. I’m just thinking way ahead. I don’t want that for him.”

Denver Broncos' 'Tank for Shedeur' campaign not confirmed, Colorado football QB may not be option to stay in market

While the "Tank for Shedeur" campaign has already begun on social media for the Denver Broncos in the wake of a franchise teardown in the Mile High City, 2024 may be the last time No. 2 represents the Centennial State in any form.

KOA 850 AM & 94.1 FM's Benjamin Allbright shut down the "report" that Shedeur to Denver is actively in the works.

"Reported by who? 'Reportedly,'" Allbright prefaced before saying, "Someone tell me who reported this? No one?"

If Coach Prime is to be believed, teams in the south and west coast are the likeliest landing spot for Shedeur. Where he falls on the draft board because of it could be a several million dollar question next year.