Warren Sapp hiring is Deion's 'Prime Effect' with Colorado football: 'Path that wouldn't be available otherwise'

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Warren Sapp being hired as a Colorado football GA is living proof of the "Prime Effect" in Boulder, writes BuffsBeat's Josh Tolle; who correctly noted that Deion Sanders is the only reason the NFL Hall of Fame DL got a job at the University of Colorado given his controversial past.

"Sapp officially joined Coach Prime's staff this year and looks to play a role in helping CU in the trenches," Tolle prefaced before saying, "The Miami, Fla native has taken on this new chapter in his life and is ready to get more coaching experience. It's part of the 'Prime Effect' by having a path that wouldn't be available otherwise."

Sure, an official statement from CU claimed that Sapp passed all of the background requirements to become a Buffs support staff member, but most could read the tea leaves and understand that Sanders' influence was going to trump any objections from the school's brain trust in relation to their previously established no-tolerance policy about past domestic abusers.

Deion Sanders has full autonomy over Colorado football

Coach Prime could do anything he wants at Colorado by virtue of their previous futility and the record revenue he brings in. He'll never be fired -- barring a catastrophic revelation that CU administration would lose all credibility for if they didn't remove him -- and his presence brings more opportunities for players to make a name for themselves.

Unlike if he went to an SEC school, Sanders has full autonomy at Colorado. With that comes the hiring of just about anyone he wants. There's few coaches who'd be more difficult to get hired than Sapp, and that hurdle has already been cleared.

Sanders may have a long or short career in store for him in the coaching realm. It's too early to tell. But however long he lasts, he'll be doing things his way.